I have started biking to more this year. I'm finding that it's either a very nice ride in, with respectful cars giving you room and waiting until there is space to pass. Or everyone is going out of there way to try and kill you. My favorite is when people accelerate full speed into a red light to try and get around… » 7/23/14 3:53pm Wednesday 3:53pm

I feel your pain brother. To add to the congestion the road conditions are beyond terrible. I have honestly driven on dirt roads that are significantly smoother than the ones on my commute. While driving in the metro-Boston area I have to make a choice between looking up and being a safe driver to not kill… » 6/26/14 5:07pm 6/26/14 5:07pm

My dad taught me. 2 cars really, a mid 90s corolla, and a 93 Ford Ranger (which later became my car for a time and I dearly miss). We went to abandoned parking lots and did laps and hill starts. At the same time he also had me do what he calls a "reverse Ben Hur" I would drive around the parking lots backwards only… » 6/17/14 11:33pm 6/17/14 11:33pm

Nice, I have started using a safety razor as well. The shave is really nice, but what I find even better is as the beard grows back in (I'm way to lazy to shave every day) I don't get any kind of ingrown hairs or anything. I'm about to buy some more blades actually, a friend keyed me onto westcoastshaving.com they… » 4/25/14 4:08pm 4/25/14 4:08pm